13 cleaning tips that keep your luxury vinyl floor looking new

13 cleaning tips that keep your luxury vinyl floor looking new

Luxury vinyl floors are a popular choice these days. These floors are water-resistant, durable, and look great (just like wood and tile). They are a great addition to any home’s décor because they’re gorgeous—and can keep looking as striking as the day they were installed IF you use these cleaning tips.

Preventing damage

•Place mats and rugs by the door and in high traffic areas to protect the floor from dirt and chemicals that get tracked in.
•Train your pets to stop at the door so you can wipe their paws off before they come in.
•Attach felt pads to furniture to avoid scratches and damage to luxury vinyl flooring.
•When moving furniture and appliances, sweep the floor and place the furniture on cardboard to avoid scratches. Lift—don’t drag—the furniture and appliances as much as possible.
•Clean up spills as soon as possible to prevent stains.
•Keep your luxury vinyl floors looking like the day they were installed by purchasing window coverings (and keeping them closed when possible) to avoid fading.

Vinyl floor maintenance

•Floor cleaners for luxury vinyl floorsSweep regularly with a soft-bristled broom to avoid scratching your new luxury vinyl floor.
•If you vacuum the floor, be careful to use a vacuum that’s gentle on hard flooring (talk to your local flooring pros if you’re concerned about warranty issues).

Cleaning tips

•Do not clean the vinyl floor immediately after installation; wait 48 hours (ask your installer for an exact time frame) to allow adhesives to dry before you mop the floor.
•Only use manufacturer approved cleaners so you don’t void the warranty (visit your local flooring pros to find out what cleaners are approved and purchase them).
•Use non-abrasive, gentle cleaners on luxury vinyl floors.
•Always sweep the floor before you mop.
•Vinyl floors are water resistant, but don’t use too much water as you mop. When you are finished, make sure there are not water puddles left on the floor.