10 tips that keep your vinyl floors looking great

10 tips that keep your vinyl floors looking great

Vinyl floors, especially luxury vinyl floors, are getting more and more popular today. They’re durable, beautiful, and easy to keep looking great—with a little bit of upkeep and preventative maintenance.

Use mats to your advantage.

Put mats outside and rugs inside to catch all the gravel and debris that can scratch your floors. Train your pets to stop after they enter so you can clean their paws.

Be careful about rugs.

Before you lay down area rugs or mats, make sure you do your research. Many flooring manufacturers do not recommend using rubber- or latex-based mats because the mats can permanently damage your floors. Look for the “colorfast” label or talk to experts at your local flooring store. They can recommend area rugs and backings they’ve seen in other homes that kept their luxury vinyl floors looking great.

Sweep regularly.

If you want to keep your luxury vinyl floors in new condition, make a habit of sweeping your luxury vinyl floors. A routine sweep removes any gravel or stones that are tracked in and can scratch your floors. ALWAYS make sure you sweep before you mop.

Vacuum with care.

Vacuuming your vinyl floors is a good thing, but only if you make sure NOT to use a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar. Beater bars are on the bottom of your vacuum and are usually covered with bristles. They rotate rapidly and may damage hard floors.

Clean up puddles.

Vinyl floors are one of the most durable floors on the market, but puddles can still damage your luxury vinyl floors. Whether someone spills a drink or you’re mopping your floors, make sure you dry any excessive moisture and don’t leave it sitting on your floors.

Be careful about cleaners.

Abrasive cleaners can compromise the finish of your floors or damage your floor. To make sure your warranty stands and your floors stay in like-new condition, be very selective about the cleaner you use when you clean your floor. Avoid wax-based products that can damage the floor in the long-term. To find the best cleaner for your floor (and to purchase a manufacturer-approved cleaner that doesn’t void the warranty), visit a local flooring store to get the best floor cleaning product for the job.

Stock up on gentle scrubbing tools.

Just as you shouldn’t use abrasive cleaners, don’t use abrasive scrubbing tools. A soft mop is usually your best bet for a deep clean. Don’t worry just because you can’t use an abrasive scrubbing tool, you can still use elbow grease.

Floor stripper may be your grout’s enemy.

If your vinyl floor has grout lines, avoid floor strippers. Floor stripper can breakdown grout, so don’t hesitate to ask the experts before you roll up your sleeves for a deep clean.

Be generous with felt pads.

Put felt pads on all your furniture: your couches, love seats, recliners, coffee tables, dining tables, chairs—everything. Felt pads are your first line of defense to keep your luxury vinyl floor from scratches.

Take protective measures when you move heavy objects.

When rearranging anything heavy, such as your appliances or furniture, don’t drag them across your floor. Instead use smooth pieces of plywood to create a path that you can drag your heavy items across.