10 home gift ideas for the person who has everything

10 home gift ideas for the person who has everything

We all have that one person on our holiday gift list: the one who has everything they need and could ever want. You know who we’re talking about: your grandma that has a full house. Your mother who has every collectible that she needs for her collection. Your wife who loves design shows and decorating your house. What in the world are you supposed to give someone like that?

It’s time to think out of the box. If your gift recipient loves her home, think about getting her a home decor gift. Want to give a gift with a BIG impact? Combine your funds (and/or efforts, if you want to install the gift) with other family or friends so you can make a big splash in their home.

Backsplash tiles (and installation)

Summer project kitchen with backsplash! A kitchen backsplash can make a big difference in a kitchen, no matter the size. If you really want to make your gift recipient’s day, offer to install the tiles (well) or pay for the installation so the tiles don’t just sit. To make sure you get the tiles they want, buy them a gift certificate or promise to take them into a local flooring store right after the holidays.

Cleaning break

For a gift recipient for everything but time, consider buying them the gift of a clean home. Give them a gift certificate for a cleaning service or pre-pay for a home cleaning with a local home cleaner.

Area rugs

Young happy smiling woman lying with laptop on carpet over radiant in floor heatingIf you have a new home owner who can’t afford a lot of home décor, or a seasoned home owner who needs protection for their new wood floors, it’s time to be sneaky. Measure their floor for dimensions for their new rug on the sly and visit your local flooring store to select a custom made area rug. Talk to the flooring experts at the store for the rug and any covering needed to keep their new wood floor beautiful.

Personalized sign

If you want to put your personal stamp on their gift, make them a sign personalized just for them. To make it memorable, sign up for a class before your holiday get together or schedule the class with your gift recipient so you have a fun night out making your signs.

Upholstery cleaning

Does your gift recipients have a chair that they want cleaned in the worst way (like their husband’s)? Give them the gift that just keeps giving: a good upholstery cleaning of their favorite chair, sofa, or other piece of furniture.

Project IOU

If your gift recipient has a project they’ve been meaning to get to or just doesn’t have the time, give them the gift of your help. Promise to come help them with their kitchen remodel, laundry room redo, or anything else on their to-do list.

Wood floor refinishing

protecting wood floorsDo you have a gift recipient with everything…except wood floors in good condition? Surprise your gift recipient with a gift certificate to get their floors refinished (or arrange to pre-pay it with a local flooring contractor).

Carpet cleaning

If your gift recipient has pets or frequently fosters dogs or cats, give them the gift that keeps on giving: carpet cleaning. Surprise them with a certificate for a carpet clean that gives them a break from cleaning their carpet—for awhile at least.


Have you been hearing, “I’ve been meaning to get new blinds” for awhile now? Give your gift recipient what they’ve been wanting: new window treatments. To make sure you get the right product (and a quality product), visit your local flooring store to talk with a designer about your options.

New bathroom

If you have a lot of people chipping in, give your gift recipient a whole bathroom remodel (and the labor to make it happen). If their bathroom is in good shape, consider just giving them a bathroom face lift with new flooring and a new countertop. If you want to put in the floor yourself, use this guide for DIY floor options and buy in bulk at your local flooring store.