10 home decor gifts for your hard-to-shop-for gift recipient

10 home decor gifts for your hard-to-shop-for gift recipient

Going down your gift list and checking it twice? Finding friends and family members on your list who are hard to shop for? Sick of giving gift cards? Look no further for inspiration. We’ve got practical holiday décor gifts for the hardest gift recipients:

  • Carpet cleaning for the cleaning fanatic, for the new homeowner or overwhelmed parent. As you can see, carpet cleaning is the perfect gift for quite a few people on your list.

  • Blinds for the parent who wants to sleep in. Have a new parent on your list who is tired from waking up with their toddler every morning? Have some compassion. Purchase darkening curtains for their toddlers’ room so everyone is happy—and getting enough sleep.

  • Window treatments for new homeowners. For a couple building a house or a friend or family member that just bought their first house, this is the gift that helps their budget and the look of their new house.

  • Area rug for the owners of a new wood floor. Did your gift recipient just splurge on a new wood floor? Do you have a family member who is decorating a new nursery with a wood floor? Get a custom area rug made to protect their floor, and cushion their feet.

  • Blinds for a new sun porch, or for just about anyone that wants to relax in peace. Need a gift for a dad, grandpa or anyone who loves to relax (or nap) in the sun room or enclosed porch? Or for a loyal TV watcher who wants the light but not the glare? Blinds are the solution for both problems.

  • New carpet for that old bedroom carpet you ruined at your parent’s house. Did you leave behind nail polish and soda stains when you moved out? Replace that old carpeting in your parent’s house so they only have good memories of your time at home.

  • Duct cleaning for the allergy sufferer. We’ll acknowledge that this is not the most glamorous of gifts, but for an allergy sufferer, the absence of sneezing, wheezing, itchy eyes and inhalers are the gift that keeps giving.

  • Upholstery and/or carpet cleaning for the pet owner. Have a friend that considers their pet their baby? Make their carpet and furniture cleaner, while still safe for Rover and Prissy. Y’s Way Carpet Cleaners use natural cleaners that can eliminate the pet stains and keep their baby happy and healthy.

  • A rug or flooring for the man cave. Does your man need a sound insulator for his new theatre room? Or are you tired of hearing yelling from his new sports space? Does he need a blanket to relax in his man cave? Look into new carpeting or a carpet remnant for his man space.

  • New flooring to replace that tile, carpet or linoleum she hates. Your significant other has tolerated that old flooring for years. Bring a smile to her face by giving her the gift of carpet, wood or tile flooring that she likes.

The best news: you don’t need to run around to a ton of different stores to get the perfect holiday decor gifts. Just stop in at Y’s Way Flooring in Watertown, Lake Mills or Oconomowoc, and all your shopping can be done—a win-win for you and your hard-to-shop-for gift recipients.