10 amazing ideas for your kitchen backsplash (with DIY tile ideas!)

10 amazing ideas for your kitchen backsplash (with DIY tile ideas!)

There are a ton of glass, stone, and porcelain tile ideas for your kitchen. It can be hard to choose the right backsplash tile that coordinates with your cabinets and countertops, but this list of inspiring kitchen tile ideas is going to try! (Fortunately, you can ask any of our flooring pros at any Wisconsin location to show you backsplash and flooring tile options for your home.)


A kitchen backsplash tile with shine adds glam to a kitchen. These glass tiles add a bit of interest to the space, especially in a space with neutral elements.

Mirror Wall

Translucent tile may not be an actual mirror, but this one-of-a-kind tile draws the eye and plays with the light similar to a mirror.


Mosaic tile is a stand-out tile idea for a kitchen backsplash. With a variation of color, these kitchen backsplash tiles can complement cabinets and serve as the stand out element in a kitchen design.

Stone Tile

Stone tile comes in a variety of colors, adding texture and variation to a kitchen. There are a variety of colors of stone tile, varying from neutral to multi-colored tiles that add interest and coordinate with a kitchen color scheme.

Grout Contrast

This tile idea for a kitchen backsplash is not entirely about tile, but it can create visual interest in any space (including with floor tile). A high-contrasting grout color can break up a neutral backsplash or add a touch of color to a light-colored tile. For easy cleaning, dark tile grout can also hide food stains and splatters.

Combo Tile

Sometimes the best tile idea for a kitchen backsplash is a combination of porcelain or stone and glass tiles. The combination makes the glass tiles stand out and become a feature in a kitchen.

Feature Wall

A feature wall is a great way to draw attention to a range hood or a wall (especially with floating shelves). This look can be done with a tile that is already part of the tile backsplash or with a completely different tile that coordinates for a cohesive look.

Floral Touch

Flowers may be an unexpected tile idea for a kitchen backsplash, but they are the perfect touch for the home owner who wants a one-of-a-kind tile mosaic. Just like a flower bed, these tiles can add a pop of color to a kitchen.

Unique Glass Design

A glass tile with a unique design can serve as a showstopper, drawing the eye and standing out from neutral cabinets and countertops.

Light and Bright

Balance is always the key to a good kitchen design; these tile ideas for a kitchen backsplash coordinate well by blending in with other neutral elements, giving the homeowners the chance to choose a standout kitchen floor tile, countertops, or cabinets.