10 reasons why carpet cleaning is the ultimate gift

10 reasons why carpet cleaning is the ultimate gift

It’s not another sweater. The ultimate gift for that person in your life who has everything is not in a department store on Black Friday. When racking your mind for gift ideas, give that gift recipient the gift that is next to godliness—cleaning—without lifting a finger. Doesn’t sound very sentimental, does it? To the contrary, giving the gift of carpet cleaning is the ultimate gift, and for very good reason:

1. You can get rid of all those holiday gathering spills.
The family may be gone but the spills remain. Say thank you to your family or friends for hosting the family get together by helping them clean up afterward (without having to actually, ahem, clean).

2. It’s way more affordable than you think.
You won’t have to take out a second mortgage to pay for this gift, while still being able to make an impact on their whole house.

3. Your new homeowner appreciates the chance to get rid of the last owner’s grime.
If your gift recipient is a new homeowner, help them get a clean start in their new house.

4. There are only so many sweaters you can give.
This is the gift for that person in your life that has everything—or the person that thinks that cleanliness is next to godliness.

5. It’s cheaper than new carpets.
Is your gift recipient on a budget? Give them the feel of luxurious new carpets without paying for replacement.

6. Your Christmas present, a puppy, is done potty training!
Now it’s time to get rid of the accidents you had to endure to achieve that milestone.

7. The gift of no allergy-related sneezing is the gift that keeps giving.
Have a cat lover on your list who’s allergic to cats and doesn’t want to give them up? Here’s your answer.

8. For busy families, a clean house is a luxury that feels like a gift.
If you have a young family on your list that can’t keep up with house cleaning, help them out.

9. For the OCD cleaner, this is the ultimate gift.
We know a woman who gave her husband a mop for the holidays, and he loved it. This is the same kind of sentiment.

10.Santa says your gift recipient has been extra good this year.

To clarify: don’t buy your gift recipient a carpet cleaner, or rent one at the local hardware store. Give them a real, deep carpet clean that they don’t have to lift a finger to do. Contact Y’s Way, a local carpet cleaner with experience and a good track record. That’s a holiday gift we all can appreciate.