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Ceramic Flooring Tile Pros and Cons in Clyman, Dodge County?
Ceramic tile flooring looks great, and can create a dramatic stone tile look in any room of your Installing new carpet is one of the biggest, and most common choices a Clyman, Dodge County homeowner can make. With our tough Wisconsin weather, you want to choose the most durable carpet that fits with the look of your home and lifestyle. home. It can also handle the extremes of Wisconsin weather like a pro. Like any flooring, though, it has cons. Here’s the complete list of pros and cons so you can decide if ceramic flooring is right for your Clyman, Dodge County home.
* It looks great! With a variety of different styles and colors, ceramic tile in any room can make a statement. There are also different colors of grout that can coordinate with any ceramic tile to make it look grand.

* Patterns only add to the effect. Ceramic tile can be laid with insets of smaller tiles, different color tiles or different shapes to make an entryway or kitchen look fantastic. You can also lay ceramic tiles in a diagonal pattern to make an ordinary ceramic tile look extraordinary.

* Easy to clean. Because ceramic tile is hard, dirt and dust simply sits on top of the tile, making it simple to clean with a soft broom or wipe up spills with a cloth.

* It’s tough enough to handle almost any cleaner. Because ceramic tile is so durable, you can use almost any cleaner to clean the tile without fear.

* Ceramic tiles are easy to replace. If a tile cracks, you can easily replace one tile without replacing the whole room of tiles.

* These tiles are great for people with allergies. Unlike carpeting, allergens cannot get trapped in the ceramic tile flooring, making it ideal for people allergic to dust, mold and dander.

* Humidity doesn’t bother ceramic tiles. Because of their resistance to moisture, ceramic tile flooring is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

* It can last for a long, long time. A properly maintained ceramic tile flooring can last for years!
* Ceramic tile is hard. Because the tile is so hard, it’s easier to break dishes and glass on ceramic tile.

* It doesn’t hold heat well. The most common complaint about ceramic tile is that it is very cold to walk on. Many people resolve this issue by installing under floor heating under the ceramic tile.

* Be ready for a longer install. Because ceramic tiles need to be laid with exactness, installation takes longer than laminate flooring or carpeting.

* Ceramic tile can chip and grout can stain. Like any flooring, it’s not 100%. There are drawbacks to every kind of flooring, and ceramic tiles are no different.

If you want to experience the pros and cons of ceramic tile, stop by Y’s Way Flooring in Watertown, Lake Mills or Oconomowoc to see ceramic tiles in a variety of sizes and colors. Or contact us to get a free estimate. If you do decide that ceramic tile fits in your Wisconsin home and for your budget, you can count on Y’s Way Flooring for a quality ceramic tile installation.
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